Citronella & Eucalyptus - 2 wicks
Citronella & Eucalyptus - 2 wicks

Citronella & Eucalyptus - 2 wicks

Wick: Crackling Wood Wick
Crackling Wood Wick
Size: 16oz - 90 to 100 hours
16oz - 90 to 100 hours
Product description

Its popularity makes it essential for your summer evenings! The citronella and eucalyptus candle will allow you to spend a pleasant evening by keeping those mosquitoes away a little! The 16oz candle lasts more than 90 hours!

It is made up of two crackling wooden wicks that will last for hours. Its smell is strong enough to smell it outside! Nothing better than a bouquet of eucalyptus in its little nest to feel relaxed, that's what this candle will give you. 

  • Crackling wood wick

  • Blend of essential oils specially chosen for this candle

  • Hand-poured

  • Natural soy wax and coconut

  • Phthalate-free

  • Cruelty-free

Never use a candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Always keep the candle under supervision. Always read candle instructions before using.