The first time your candle is lit, it's important to allow the wax to melt over the rim of the container. This ensures that during subsequent uses, the wax will burn evenly and not too fast.

Let it melt 30 minutes for best results.

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Never leave your candle burning for more than 4 hours at a time. This could result in the wick becoming covered in soot and buildup which may create a fire hazard.

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Discontinue use when more or less 1/2" (1 cm) of wax remains at the bottom of the container. If at any time the flame gets too high, extinguish the candle and allow the wax to solidify before cutting the wick and relighting

For Cleaning, rinse the container with warm water to remove the remaining wax and then clean with mild soap. 

You can reuse your containers after cleanning them!

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Always keep your candle in sight, especially when there are children and pets around.

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